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NEW BOOK  -  March 2020

I've a new book available which in quite different to anything I've done before.

It's with great pride that I introduce you to


Pockets of Joy is in hardback and contains 102 photographs of nature, taken between 2015 and 2020. Each photograph is depicted in colour on a full 280 x 216 mm page. A short comment with information, location and date is given for each image.

Photographs include sunrises, sunsets, clouds, oceans, birds, insects, trees, flowers, fish and other sea creatures, from landscapes to macros and underwater shots.

These images use a different angle or view to show the wonder of the world around you. Every photo is taken on a basic point-and-click camera by an amateur, which may inspire you to do the same. 

Pockets of Joy is perfect for remembering the joy found in nature, often needed during the tough moments.

Click on the POCKETS OF JOY page for more info.

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What's next?

Catherine's next story is about Jess Ryan, a girl who loves horses, farming and the boy next door. She dreams of farming with Jim...but reality hasn't been listening

And Dulili #2...with an artist and a cop coming to town.

Who knows, really, because things pop up! :)

6th December 2019

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