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What's next?

Catherine's next story is about Jess Ryan, a girl who loves horses, farming and the boy next door. She dreams of farming with Jim...but reality hasn't been listening

And Dulili #2...with an artist and a cop coming to town.

Who knows, really, because things pop up! :)

I try to blog but mostly I pop in photos. You can check them out here...

A book for writers




6 August 2019

CREATIVE WRITING ENERGY is available in print from Amazon.

If you're in Australia and can't get one at a reasonable price, I have them for $20 + Postage (approx. $10).

Please email me to order a copy - or look for them at the 2019 RWA Conference.


6 August 2019

CREATIVE WRITING ENERGY: Tools to Access Your Higher-Creative Mind is available today!

Available in e-book and print.

It's time for you to raise your vibration!

Do you have an amazing idea for a novel but you struggle to stay in the story?

Do you ever find yourself struggling for creative inspiration?

When the moon has aligned and your muse is dancing beneath the stars as your fingers pulse along the keyboard, life is glorious to the writer. But what happens when you glance up and notice that the moon has shifted, your muse has left you high and dry, and the steady tempo of your words becomes all but a fading memory?

You know what I'm talking about. I've been there – my Muse has skipped out and left me lurking in a place devoid of inspiration while the moon has forsaken me beneath a swathe of wordless clouds. I've experienced those discordant moments as I've desperately scoured my mind in search of prompts and ideas that have eluded me. But I am a writer. You are a writer. We can't just hang around twiddling our unmanicured thumbs waiting for the Muse to return and the moon to hang just right.

Put an end to writer's block for good as we give you a range of alternative methods and ideas that you can use to access your higher-creative mind. That part of yourself that remains hidden and unexplored, and brimming with story ideas and characters you have yet to meet. Muse or no muse.

Creative Writing Energy: Tools to Access Your Higher-Creative Mind is the first in a series for authors from bestselling and award-winning authors, Kim Petersen and Catherine Evans.