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Creative Writing Energy 

The Chat

I've no idea how Kim talked me into doing a video chat, but we do. Every week.

It gets loaded onto YouTube.

And now we've made it into a podcast too.

Each week, we chat about a different topic and share a creativity prompt.

Come and join in the fun! We'd love to have your company!

Creative Writing Energy

A sample YouTube Video is below:



COMING SOON: CWE Mastermind Group

Beginning in February 2020. This is a workshop on steroids!

Find more info here

If a PodCast is more your thing, then find those here.

This is a project, began in 2019, after I met Kim Petersen at the end of 2018 in a writing workshop. You can find out about Kim here.

Kim lives a short drive from me, and we're a bit like chalk and cheese (or peas and carrots, as she says).

We were planning to write a paranormal story together, and then we got talking about "woo woo" things and Creative Writing Energy was born.

Creative Writing Energy 

The Book

Initially, we pulled together the different things we did and produced a book.

It has a little about us, and a little bit about various things we do to keep up our energy for writing.