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Creative Writing Energy 

The Book

Initially, we pulled together the different things we did and produced a book.

It has a little about us, and a little bit about various things we do to keep up our energy for writing.

This is a project, began in 2019, after I met Kim Petersen at the end of 2018 in a writing workshop. You can find out about Kim here.

Kim lives a short drive from me, and we're a bit like chalk and cheese (or peas and carrots, as she says).

We were planning to write a paranormal story together, and then we got talking about "woo woo" things and Creative Writing Energy was born.

Creative Writing Energy

COMING SOON: CWE Mastermind Group

Beginning in February 2020. This is a workshop on steroids!

Find more info here

Creative Writing Energy 

The Chat

I've no idea how Kim talked me into doing a video chat, but we do. Every week.

It gets loaded onto YouTube.

And now we've made it into a podcast too.

Each week, we chat about a different topic and share a creativity prompt.