Pockets of Joy.

When it's hard to find happiness, look for the tiny pockets of joy.

A book of photographs to cheer, taken of nature.

Pockets of Joy began online as a reaction to the bushfires that burned across much of Australia. Cate needed to halt her spirally negative thoughts and turned to nature. The posts proved popular and friends encouraged the creation of a book.

Pockets of Joy is a hardback book, containing 102 photographs of nature, taken between 2015 and 2020. Each photograph is depicted in colour on a full 280 x 216 mm page. A short comment with information, location and date is given for each image.

Photographs include sunrises, sunsets, clouds, oceans, birds, insects, trees, flowers, fish and other sea creatures, from landscapes to macros and underwater shots.

These images use a different angle or view to show the wonder of the world around you. Every photo is taken on a basic point-and-click camera by an amateur, which may inspire you to do the same. 

Pockets of Joy is perfect for remembering the joy found in nature, often needed during the tough moments.


Pockets of Joy

Cate Ellink is my evil twin...although I don't see her as evil, I see her as the braver twin!

Cate writes books too, but they're more for the over 18s.

Cate started the Pockets of Joy posts on FaceBook in January without thinking any further than a few happy snap posts.

By teaming up with my twin, we don't have issues with suitability for all ages.

1 x Pockets of Joy book + Postage + Gift Wrapping




Each book costs $40 (Australian dollars)

Postage is $12.45 (within Australia) per book (medium red satchel)

If the book is a gift, I'm happy to gift wrap and include a tag to say it is a gift from you, for an extra $5.

If you require multiple books to the same address,  it's best to contact Cate to work out the best way to do this - cate@cateellink.com (or use the contact form)

1 x Pockets of Joy book + Postage




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